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Frames and Lenses in Olympia Washington

There are over 700 manufactures of frames. Serving Olympia, Lacey, and Tumwater WA; Capital Eyes Optical carries some of the world's best engineered products in the industry for your peace of mind. We are proud to provide you with the best possible value for your dollar.

We offer the top brand European frame manufacturers whose engineering and style are superior to most frame manufacturers in the world. This means you will be purchasing a product that is stylish, durable, and will retain its comfortable fit much longer.
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Capital Eyes Optical features Luxottica, Marchon, Safilo, all Italian based companies, and Silhouette of Austria.
We carry a variety of frame materials, including lightweight poly-plastics, traditional metals and new titanium alloys that are lightweight, comfortable and non-hypo-allergenic.

For children we feature durable Marchon Flexon Kids, which we call "The Parent's Friend".
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There is a reason why golfers use more than one club. It's to help their game. The same is true for eyewear. There are many situations where specific lenses can assist you in your daily life. Sunwear, computer, hobbies, sports, music and more can be enhanced by using lenses specifically designed for these activities.

Capital Eyes Optical provides high definition progressive lenses (no line bifocal) from Essilor and Shamir. These are digitally created lenses with the best proven optics so your vision is more precise.
Eyewear - Lacey, WA - Capital Eyes Optical LLC
When most people reach their forties, they notice that they have to hold things at arms length to read them clearly. This is a result of a condition called presbyopia.

Presbyopia is a natural part of aging. As people age, the crystalline lens in the eye hardens. When this happens, the eye is no longer able to focus clearly on objects up close.
Varilux® progressive addition lenses are simply the most advanced lens design for people with presbyopia. Varilux® lenses allow you to see near, far and everywhere in between - without annoying, distracting lines. Varilux® progressive addition lenses are made from several different types of materials so you can choose the right lens for your lifestyle.

For your visual comfort, we have available the newest anti-reflective coatings designed for computer work and night driving, plus polarized sunglasses to reduce the glare of reflected light when driving or during water or snow sports.
Eyewear - Lacey, WA - Capital Eyes Optical LLC
We recommend Crizal anti-reflective coating. Crizal coating reduces glare by allowing more usable light to pass through your lenses. The benefits include sharper vision, reducing fatigue at your computer workstation and electronic devices, as well as making nighttime driving more comfortable. The special lens coatings offered by Crizal can help protect your eyes from the damaging blue light of today's "techno-gadgets."

Transitions lenses darken in the sunlight and return to clear inside. They are a good choice if your eyes are light sensitive.

Prescription sunglass lenses can be made to fit almost any frame. We also carry Maui Jim sunwear, available in your prescription or non-prescription.